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Lucerne, 1988 -- This silver-blue concept car was introduced at GM's "Teamwork and Technology" exhibition in New York in January of 1988. It was described as a prestige/luxury front-drive coupe with exceptional comfort for four adults in a stylish environment. It features a Navicar computer navigation system, developed by GM's Delco Electronics Division. Navicar used advanced "dead reckoning" -- through sensors on the wheels and steering -- to track the car's location continually from a starting point entered by the driver. The engine is a 165-hp V-6. Two years after its debut, Lucerne was transformed into a convertible.

Description: Four-passenger silver-blue coupe was created in GM's Advanced Design Studio No. 1. Lucerne has a fluid design with no door handles or conventional bumpers. The hard tonneau cover is integrated into the lines of both the exterior and interior. Lucerne was transformed into a convertible in 1990. Lucerne is owned by Buick Motor Division, Flint, Mich.

Key Features: Fiberglass body, voice-actuated (hands-free) cellular phone, separate entertainment system controls and headphone sets for each passenger, zone-diffused air conditioning with individual controls for each seat to vary the interior climate to each passenger's taste. Navicar computer navigation system uses advanced "dead reckoning" -- through sensors on the wheels and steering -- to continually track the car's location from a starting point entered by the driver.


  • Wheelbase: 113.30 in.
  • Overall Length: 209.20 in.
  • Height: 52.20 in.
  • Width: 72.40 in.


  • Type: 3800 V-6
  • HP @ rpm: 165 @ 5200

Source: Buick Motor Division
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