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The 1959 model year featured the all-new LeSabre. In the first year of production, Buick sold 165,577 LeSabres, nearly 60 percent of the total vehicles sold by the division. Styling on the 1959 car was not quite as exciting as the 1951 dream car, but huge tail fins were dramatic for a family vehicle, and a sign of the times. A more sculptured appearance, with the sharp fins of '59 trimmed and rounded, was offered for 1960. With that auspicious start, LeSabre became a mainstay at Buick. In many years it has been the division's No. 1-selling line. In the 40 years since its introduction, LeSabre has rolled up an impressive sales total exceeding six million. In fact, it has been the No. 1-selling full-size car in the United States for the last six years.

Source: The Buick -- A Complete History & Buick Motor Division
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